A Be My Cat Fanpage (Not Really)

For any early viewers, you will bare witness to a lot of seemingly random text about acclaimed cult films such as Be My Cat and Creep. I will also throw in some Capture Kill Release. You may be wondering, what will emerge from this site's chrysalis? I currently plan to upload a comic, and learn basic website design as I do it. Consider it a New Years resolution. My secondary motive is to creative an archive that leaves people like me coming back. Back about two years ago, I found a webpage created by a college student who did not offer up more than her name. It drove me insane. I read every word, listened to every song linked, and still, I have not a single hope of ever contacting this person. They have not been on here for almost two years now. Oh, how I reread their website searching for any skipped words, or missed clues. I hope you're doing well. How was college? Surely you're done by now. Tell me how laborous those degrees were when and if you get the chance, my dear crow fanatic.

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